Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breda Royal Lager

This is one of the european beers i bought in 7-11 Hong Kong. For a 50cl tin can, this is around 50 pesos converted here in Manila. Breda Royal is a bit strong with an alcohol content of 5%. Its not really my type of taste because it has a strong after taste. I actually got asleep easily after drinking it. But maybe after a series of unfortunate events with my last HK trip, i got really tired and didn't enjoy the real taste of this lager. I hope i can find one in the Philippines and taste it again or I can go back to HK and drink, taste and blog it right away.

Breda Royal Lager is Brewed by Oranjeboom, Rotterdam (Netherlands) until the early 90’s. After the closing of Oranjeboom production was moved to Breda (Netherlands). This brewery was called Verenigde Bierbrouwerijen Breda-Rotterdam at that time and soon to be renamed to Oranjeboom Brouwerij. The Breda Royal brand however always still mentioned United Dutch Breweries (wich translates to Verenigde Brouwerijen). On closing of Oranjeboom Brouwerij, Breda in 2004 by InBev production was moved to both Bremen and Leuven. Until 2008 when Randalls acquired the licence.

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