Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chillin at Chilli's

Its weekend again! Woot woot! I am looking forward to every weekend because its beer drinking time!
Last night, we went to Chillis Greenhills to have a few bottles of beer with my wife's sisters and their partners. We welcomed Bon's Amboy fiance, Carlo with a beer I am pretty sure he haven't tasted yet. Manila Beer Light!  Yes, you read it right! Chilli's Greenhills is already serving Asia Brewery products! 
As of last night, they are only serving Manila beer Red, Manila Beer Light and Coors Light. At least, drinkers will have more options to choose from.

Manila Beer Light is sweet with a minty taste and of course Light. I am not sure with the price we paid but Chilli's charge local beers at 55pesos, which is very affordable for a place like it. I hope they'll have more beer variety soon!

That's it for now, Cheers!


  1. cheers! puntahan ko to.

  2. Sige ba! Dapat magkita si Beer Lover and Alcohol proof sa isang drinking event!