Sunday, February 27, 2011

Howzat Bar, Makati

I want to watch my next NBA Playoffs here! Who's going with me? Besides the sporty Caucasian setting, the place is really equipped with genuine sports cable television. They have channels that are not available in our local TV channels. This is a real sports bar! The place reminds me of Germany when i went there last 2004, most of the diners there are caucasian, i feel like i am the foreigner here! Haha...

Angus Burger
I had a week off meaning i wasn't able to drink a beer for a week because we moved to a new place so i got busy.
Tonight, i am with my sister in law, but she's boring, she doesn't drink! But she ordered probably is the best tasting Angus Burger i ever tasted! I just had my dinner so i just ordered a pitcher of San Mig Light from the draft! SMB light is probably the "colgate " of beer in Manila. Do you know what i'm saying? its the epitome of beer drinkers in Manila. Every young Juan drinks SMB light and every Old Juan drinks a Pale Pilsen. Juan resembles the Joe or Sam of the United States! Howzat Bar in Kalayaan Makati is really famous among the expats but not with locals, i believe this is one of my best discovered beer drinking place and eating place!

As of this writing, they are showing a Cricket game which i really have no idea about! I just like the ambience, the food and the Beer of course, Cheers!

Pitcher of SMB Light


  1. ui. puntahan ko to...

  2. That Angus burger looks delicious! From the first photo, I think that they cater mostly to British and Indian drinkers. Hence, the reason for the cricket game. (a popular sport in both countries)

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