Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was able to buy this Beer in a Hong Kong 7-11 store. They are selling this beer for just 8-9 HKD. Serious, it is so cheap that i bought 3 other european beers and brought it to Manila to drink in my private moments like now. The beer is light but tastier than our local SMB light. It has distinct lightness that is incomparable.
Facts about SKOL.First brewed in 1959 for the European market, SKOL International was founded in 1964 by four international breweries to market the brand globally. It is now available in more than 20 countries around the world. Carlsberg Breweries has the licence to brew and market SKOL worldwide, apart from Africa and South America. The beer is part of Carlsberg Breweries’ international portfolio. The good quality and great taste of SKOL is underlined by the brand winning the coveted Australia International Beer Awards and annual sales of over 9 billion bottles a year. SKOL is truly winning the world over.
Other blog sites originated SKOL beer from Brazil.

The sad thing is that i only brought 2 500ml cans of this and i already ran out of it! This is a good pasalubong for me if your going to HK. Cheers!

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