Friday, March 4, 2011

Fiesta San Miguel in Hotel Nikko

I've been longing to come back to this bar to drink freshly brewed San Miguel Beer! Finally the long wait is over last night when my barkada from CSB invited me for a drink! The place is really not that inviting compared to other bars but for me the biggest factor here is that they are serving freshly brewed San Mig Light and Pale Pilsen. The taste is really different from the bottled or the canned San Mig Beers. Its sweeter and you can smell the beer aroma. If i were to manage this bar, i'll reprice the entire menu, its really quite expensive. Even if its in a hotel, the prices should still be affordable for the locals. Yes, it can be a tourist spot but unfortunately, there is not much tourists here in Manila. The idea is great but the outside factor is far more dominant than the ideal. Fiesta San Miguel should be on the A-list for beer drinkers, they should have more exposure to the local market. Cheers!
Micro Brewery inside Fiesta San Miguel
Me with the San Mig Draft counter

Pia, Ich, Jhen and Me
The place is big but there's not much customers when we were there. 
500ml freshly brewed San Mig Light
Before, they used to have the 1 liter mug just like in Germany where beer is famous.

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