Monday, April 18, 2011

Bar Delis in J.Abad Santos, San Juan

Imported Beer Drinking galore at Bar Delis in San Juan. Called up my old drinking buddies from high school last Saturday and introduced to them a local bar and deli restaurant in San Juan. I discovered the bar while doing the HHWW with my ever-supportive wife after dinner 2 months ago. I checked out their menu and see-thru chiller, kaboom! Saw the list of imported beers and it got me excited to promote it to my drinking buddies! Best of all the prices are fair enough, not cheap but affordable for beer lovers like me. 
Our conversations went from our businesses to basketball to family oriented stuffs, far different from what we usually talk or brag about when we were still young, those were the days! The night was still young because we started early at 9pm. Since everyone is intrigued with the variety of beer available, we drank and tasted almost every brand of beer that is available. Literally! We were the one who closed down the bar at 2am, this is a "usual event" back in the past, we always are the last to leave the bars. Before we ended, i asked everyone what beers they liked and here are their choices:
Sherwin: Hoegarden,Amstel Light, Corona and Tsing Tao

Carter: Corona, Grolsch, Heineken, Paulaner

Ben: Belgian Pilsner and SMB Light

Joey: Corona, Chimay, SMB Light and Tsing Tao
Me: Chimay, Tsingtao, Duvel, Amstel, Belgian Pils

Counter Clockwise: Joey, Me, Ben, Carter, Sherwin
Limpiang Sili: Extra Hot but delicious!