Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Manila, Beer Drinking is just for Gimik

Before i started drinking beer 20 years ago, i thought beer was just for tough guys, men without a future. And as i grew up and learned a lot of things, i said BEER is good and it is not only for tough guys. But as of today, not all restaurants in Manila serves beer at anytime of the day, only a selected few. For some reason maybe because we are in the third world country that most people can't handle their beer drinking addiction that they might end up messing up the place.
Anyway, i discovered that at ARMY NAVY restaurant in Manila serves ice cold San Mig Light even at daylight because they serve one of the best hamburgers in Manila and burger is a beer match! I love eating my delicious Hamburger and my ice cold San Mig Light Together! Burrp!

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