Monday, May 16, 2011

The Reunion

Last week,Jhen and I went to meet her former office mates from the defunct ARMPRO.  Well, i am that supportive of my wife and besides i am good friends with them too. We first had dinner at Chelsea at the Serendra, after a sumptuous dinner, we moved to Fez for a drink. Sure this night is a reunion, while Jhen is enjoying the company of his former office mates, I was enjoying my San Mig Super Dry! Yes, I missed San Mig Super Dry for the longest time. So it is also a reunion for me and my San Mig Super Dry! This beer is really under rated in terms of advertisements, the taste of wheat and hops is really satisfying. True to its slogan written on the label: " Cool, Crisp Taste!" SWABE talaga, the bitterness is perfect, t is what you are looking for in a beer! I hope more bars should sell Super Dry than of San Mig Light!
Left: Julie O., Ianne Dael (balikbayan), Jhen and Rhea. Right: Thom S., Dundee A., Mike Y.

Ric and Dundee enjoying the Super Dry

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