Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Helmuts Place in Alona Beach Bohol

Last week, i tweeted that i am going to Bohol and will be bar and beer hopping. Sad to say Bohol is not yet that commercialized and the tour guide said that Boholanos sleep early and tends to be frugal, so there are very few night life. But I am a very optimistic person so i kept my promise and still managed to bar hop the "few".
During our last night of stay in Bohol Beach Club, we had our awarding ceremony as an achiever in my insurance business. I found some night owls among the delagates and invited them if they wish to go with me to Alona Beach to look for a beer garden, Of course, a resounding "YES". I pooled 10 people, we rented a van and made our way to alona beach and found this German owned bar named Helmut's Place. It was the only place with people in it, other bars were already closed.

We even had a chat with Helmut himself and his German Chef, because they ran out of hamburgers so one of our companions complained about it. Helmut is too nice and drunk that he smelled my friends neck and later on bit him out of excitement! Lol!

Overall, Helmut's place serves good curry sausage, baguette with ham and cheese (in replacement for the burger!) They have a decent space for a pool table and a soccer table. Price is just right, crowd is ok. I failed to mention Helmut is a motorbike rider and he's a member of the Bohol Motor bikers Club. Unfortunately, in my quest to look for imported beer failed because this place only serves San Mig products.

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  1. Sitting in the Oops Bar on Alona Beach, gonna finsh my beer and head to Helmuts