Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunrise Buckets in Ortigas Ave. Greenhills

Thanks to my sister in law, she made me discovered this surfing inspired restaurant in Ortigas that serves imported beer and buffalo wings with different flavors. I always pass by Ortigas Ave. and i always see the logo of Sunrise Buckets but it never slipped my mind that it was restaurant.  I just thought that the logo and the name didn't speak of the theme and what they served, its kinda misleading. Though the place is really nice because they really made sure to decorate the area with surf boards and surfing pictures that enhanced the theme. They even have an area where you can have your picture taken on a surfboard with a huge wave background!
The menu was simple, most of them are buffalo wings. The chiller has more interesting things in it like...BEER! they have Corona, Super Bock, Hoegarden and of course they also serve our local San Mig Beers! The beer prices are quite expensive but i still bought one to try it with their buffalo wings. Overall, the bucket is good, i like the spiciness even though we ordered a regular one. The place is also wifi hot spot so i checked-in at foursquare.com and saw some tips, most of the tips didn't like the service. I can attest to that, the waitress are not smiling, i asked for water and she pointed me the water section. The thing here in Manila, if a customer asked for a water, why not serve it for him or her and just mention to the customer that if he wants more, you can get it from there. That's the custom here. I'll understand if she's busy with another customer but we are the only customer and she was just there doing nothing. P.R. and customer service please...you are in the hospitality industry...

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