Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Miguel Cerveza Negra

Ganito dapat ang beer! This is the first time i tasted Negra, i was intimidated with this before because when i was still young, i saw my basketball coaches mixing this on their pale pilsen. So i assumed that this dark lager was a tough beer that i won't like. Until yesterday, i braved myself and ordered one and paired it with a hamburger. After one sip, my eyes lit up and boom! i said that beers should taste like this.  The negra smells good and tastes even better. Rich aroma combined with fruity yet perfectly bitter taste beer. Yummy! Alcohol content is 5%. Unfortunately, Cerveza Negra is not visible in most stores just like the Super Dry. I hope more restaurant should offer the Negra.

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  1. Hi, my name is Charles and I'm from Cebu. I have tried Cerveza Negra the first time last night on my birthday. I can say that I'm impressed at how flavorful this beer is compared to the mainstream beers here in the Philippines. Cerveza Negra has a more pronounced roasted taste which I liked very much.

    Would you agree that this is the best beer in the Philippines?