Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blue Girl Beer

There' a new Asian mini mart along Wilson St. And i really stopped over to take a look for something new to eat or drink from the store. Of course being a beer lover, i went straight to the beverage lane and i only saw 2 variants of beer. The first one is Tsingtao, its very common already in Manila. The other one was Blue Girl Beer. Somebody already mentioned to me this brand a long time ago but i forgot who and i had a hard time looking for one so when i saw it, i immediately grabbed the 640ml bottle and went home straight to chill it.

Drinking beer is best with friends so when a balikbayan visited us, i knew that was the perfect time to drink it.

Blue Girl Beer is a German brand brewed and managed in Hong Kong. It has smooth distinctive flavor with a little of bitterness at the end. Somehow very similar taste to our local SMB Light. It has an ABV of 5%. It is widely famous in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. It is something good to try but not that of great beer. Have you tried this beer? Feel free to comment.
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  1. im visiting hk starting this coming sunday and I'm going to try it. I am visiting hk starting this coming sunday.

  2. Blue Girl Beer is popular in Hong Kong especially amongst the lower class population Hong Kong. Don't expect to find it in any high class or reputable bar in Hong Kong. While the brand maybe German in origin, I don't think one can actually find it in Germany. It is a brand bought by a HK trading firm and the beer is produced in Korea... personally, I think the beer is absolutely disgusting!

  3. yeah..i tried this in HK and i really loved it..I've been looking for stores where to find it here..Where is Wilson St.? I assume it's expensive here? thanks