Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Homebrewing kit is here!

Thank you to my sister in law and her fiance Carlo Martinez for the effort of buying and bringing the entire home brewing kit from San Diego, California to Manila, Philippines. I am now excited to brew beer lover in Manila's 1st craft beer! Just in time for the upcoming Oktoberfest! Cheers.

Now, i need to shop for some beer ingredients. Does anyone know where to purchase barley,hops in Manila?


  1. You might want to check out Coopers - they're an Australian brewery who also make a lot of homebrew kits. The hardest part in the Philippines will be keeping the beer cool while it ferments (you want to aim for around 18deg Celsius), although this can be done with a temperature controller and an old fridge. I believe Coopers export to the Philippines, too.

  2. Thanks Allan! I actually searched a homebrew store in Singapore. My homebrew buddy will bring it back here after his Bday Celebration there. Will video blog it for sure!

  3. Alan, you can check out , they carry coopers kit!

  4. Rich, are you still brewing? hows it going?

    1. Not at the moment. After my first batch, i havent brewed again for 2 reasons: 1. I need to get a fermenter 5 gallon glass type which i can't find here in Manila. because the plastic fermenter provided in the kit is for 1 time use only.
      2. I haven't had a real free time that i can brew again thus haven't brought new ingredients from singapore. Please do follow my blog and facebook as well!

  5. Hi Rich. You can use the plastic carboys they sell water in here. And you can reuse them indefinitely. I got a few at shopwise for more money than I should have paid but they will last a long time. All you will need is a stopper that fits the opening wish shouldn't be too hard to find.. i got several my last shipment but would love to find a suitable alternative here in Phils.

  6. This is interesting to me as I am a homebrewer/winemaker that is moving to the Philippines in a couple of years. I probably will buy a second fridge and start shipping home brew equipment by balikbayan boxes soon. Do you guys think that beer kits sent by balikbayan would survive the trip? It may ruin the yeast but I'll figure that out before too long. I think I can get a steady amount of kits sent fairly regularly maybe some people in the Manila/Laguna area would be interested in splitting the cost for the boxes. I think we could possibly get at least 10 kits shipped per box. Boxes ship for unlimited weight for around $100 but it takes up to 2-3 months to receive them.