Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paulaner Munchen Hell

I am set to go to Pivo Bar tonight to check out their imported beers there but because of the heavy rains we just decided to drink at bar delis where they also have a decent variety of imported beers.
I have drank Paulaner Beer before when i went to Shanghai with a couple of friends. In China, they have a Paulaners Bar where they serve freshly brewed beers and i remembered that most of their servers are Pinoy.
Paulaner Original Munchner Hell is a premium lager served in 500ml bottle. The beer is delicous but comes with a hefty price of 200. But for a beer lover, it is a must try!
It is fruity at first then the bitterness comes right after, the combination is perfect. Its ABV is just 5%. Just right for everyone. I previously blogged about Paulaner Salvator and that was a stronger beer compared to this.

I am really excited about the home brewing kit that my sister is bringing home tomorrow from the states. I hope i can craft beers as delicious as this and i really hope ingredients will not be a hindrance! I will definitely video an blog about my first home brew, watch out for it!

If you have tasted this beer already, please share your comments about the beer.Thanks
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