Friday, September 23, 2011

Beer Lovers Haven, Literally.

Everyday has always been an adventure for me, I always make sure to learn something even from the very smallest possible way like picking up my 4 year old from school. Like today, i discovered a very important place for me, a store where i can buy imported beers! Yes, this is a big deal for a beer enthusiast like me and i hope you too.

It was a blessing in disguise because my 1 year old boy just destroyed Jhen's laptop charger so we really have to go to Gilmore St. where there is a building full of PC peripherals to get a replacement. After coming out from the parking slot i saw a sign that says: " Over 100 Beers!"
This sign caught my eyes!
Without hesitation, i went in to the store and i saw angels doing the harp thing! Beers all over, damn this store is serious about what they advertise. I even had the chance to talk to the owner who is a beer enthusiast himself, Mr. Mags Villafuerte. Because after i introduced myself as a beer blogger, he started talking about the types of beer he has in his store which i got confused because this young entrepreneur knows what he sells, he knows the abc's of beer! I just wonder how young did he started drinking and mastered all of it.

Yes, those are his varieties!

More beer!

Homer Simpson, a beer enthusiast!

Me thinking what to buy. 
After seeing the pictures, my blog title is very true, right? Beer Lovers Haven! They have local beers and extremely hard to find beers that sometimes they prefer not to sell it and just keep it for their own consumption. Their beer price ranges from the 30s for local beers and as high as a 1 thousand for a bottle. I also learned that it was their office and they are not expecting that much walk ins. They are more on the distribution business to bars and restaurants who wants to serve imported beers. Soon, i'll blog about the beers that i initially bought from Gilmore Wines and Spirits.

Because i love you, my readers. I want to share their info so you can buy multitudes of imported beers.
Gilmore Wines and Spirits is open 1:00pm-10:00pm daily.
17 Gilmore Ave. Cor 1st St., New Manila, QC.
Tel No.9722730
They also have a facebook page. Click here for more info.


  1. Hello Rich,

    Beer Lover's Haven, more like Heaven. I have to go someday. I never make it up to QC, but it looks to be worth the trip.

  2. Yes, it is definitely worth it. Where are you coming from?