Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pivo Resto Bar

Last month, when we were invited by a friend to her birthday party at a bar in Ortigas Home Depot, me and my wife Jhen discovered Pivo that boasts of serving up to 150 varieties of imported beer that got me excited! We even saw a micro brewery at the other side that we assumed it was Pivo's.
Imported Beers!

Since then, i have been trying to invite my beer buddies to go with me but because of continuous rains, our plans always fail. Until last week, my perseverance prevailed and here i am blogging for you!

It was love at first sight and Pivo did not fail me! They really have lots of beers to choose from and my first order was a Guiness dry stout beer of Dublin, Ireland. It was served in a can and it is famous for its dark colored look. Will blog about the taste later. My second order was Bitburger from Hamburg, Germany.

The crowd at Pivo were the greatest, they share the same passion with me and imported beers! Almost everyone in the pub drank imported beer. Rarely that you can see someone holding a local beer. When we were there, it so happened that it was their Trivia Question night sponsored by Bacardi. Winning group takes home a 1 liter Bacardi! We were asked to join but since its our first time we refused to as well. The 1st set was about movies, they'll play a certain clip and the first group to answer gets the point. The 2nd set was about "friends" the sitcom and the last set was about music. All three sets was won by a group who were undisputed champions for 7 straight weeks! Imagine that? They have been collecting Bacardis for the past 7 weeks! Somebody has to beat them. That night we were not prepared and the Jhen and Rich tandem is not for these kinds of trivia, we are more on the intellectual side, just kidding! But i am really serious that i wanted to beat the defending champs, is currently pooling for a team and our goal is to beat them! Who's in?
Trivia Game
Win or Lose, with or without a team, i am definitely going back to Pivo to taste more imported beers! And because the place is not just cozy but also has affordable prices. They also have promo on that night that i missed, Duvel for only P120! I also asked the waiter if they serve craft beers, he said that they used to own the microbrewery i saw at the back and now its Empire Poker Club who owns it but he also noted that Empire is not using it as well...Damn, maybe it is a real challenge to homebrew! That's another story!
One thing i hope Pivo will have soon: Free Wifi!

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