Saturday, October 1, 2011


Duvel and its Tulip glass to enhance its aroma!
As i continue my quest to drink and taste international beers, i am really learning a lot. From the taste notes of each beer to its aroma and beer style as well. Only this year that i learned that beer has a food pairing chart just like the wine. Because in Manila, alcoholic beverage specially beer is only known to be drank on bar nights and mostly at night. Little population would know that alcoholic beverages like wine and beer can be and should be paired on a particular dish to enhance your dining experience. Download it here. Each beer style should also be served with the correct glass to enhance the aroma!

I brought this up because of this beer, Duvel. A few months ago, i was able to taste this beer but i drank it from the bottle, yes it was delicious and tasty and strong of course with 8.5%ABV. I drank it again just last week at Pivo and they serve it with a wine glass that has a Duvel mark on it. Clearly, the taste notes become obvious. Duvel originated from Belgium and is still managed by the 4th generation of the Moortgat family. The smell is fruity and it has a sweet taste even with its high alcohol content, the bitterness is perfectly tasted on the last part of the sip. Its so delicious that i was able to finish 3 bottles and still got a few pours from my wife's' bottle before leaving the place. At P120 this beer is a bargain. You can try it out at Pivo restobar in Ortigas Home Depot. I will definitely buy a case there!

Btw, this beer is so delicious that scored it "A"!


  1. Nice, Duvel in a tulip. I had a Westmalle Tripel in Pivo once, but they didn't have the proper glassware (i.e. a chalice). I had to make do with a red wine glass. I guess they'll only bring out the tulips if you order a Duvel. Would've been happier to have drunk that Trappist baby in at least a tulip.

  2. Yeah! Thanks for the Tulip, i didn't know the name of the glassware. I have a Trappist at home waiting to be drank and blogged! I need to find a chalice!

  3. hi, i stumbled upon your beer blog through eli's (which i just stumbled upon as well, circuitously through the global beer exchange fb page). i've been into beers for several years now, and highly appreciate reviews and posts from a fellow brew lover. keep the reviews coming!

  4. Great! Its a pleasure to this reviews, loving every drop of it! Pls like my fb page as well, and twitter and google to get to my latest posts.Thanks in advance!