Saturday, October 15, 2011

First batch ingredients

Finally, the long wait i over. Thanks to my parents for bringing it home when they visited Singapore for a vacation.
These are the components needed to complete my first batch.
1. Coopers english bitter- this is a pre-mixed flavoring of the beer.
2. Cascade Hops- to add bitternes to the beer.
3. Muntons Lights- not yet sure what is this for. Will find out on the brew day.
4. Coopers Carbonation drops- to add sweetness.
5. Crown caps- can't find a supplier in the Philippines for this.
6. Amber bottles- I've asked help from Bardelis to collect empty amber bottles for me. I'll be needing 50 bottles.
PBW- Sterilizing powder, food grade. I hope there's a replacement that is readily available here.
Whew! When should i start? This always happen, my schedule became tight when i am so excited to do my first batch. Hopefully next week, il ask help from my friends to video shoot it! Cheers!
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