Monday, October 31, 2011

My first batch

I did'nt expect that i can get this much beer from my first batch. I actually miscalculated and ran out of beer bottles. I have to go out to a sari-sari store and buy some 1 liter empty bottles of Red Horse. I also went to Gilmore wines and spirits to ask for empty bottles which Mags V. lent me right away. I had to drink imported beers the other night with my dad-in-law to collect additional beer bottles too. Yesterday, i had to drink a 400pesos Erdinger beer from Sofitel to add it to my empty beer bottle collection.
Hopefully, after a month of aging, it will all payoff. i really really hope my first batch of english pale ale is a success.
By the way, i am raffling of beer tees this December and i am thinking of raffling a bottle from my first batch as well! So follow me here at blogger and twitter and like my FB page. Cheers!
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