Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rogue chocolate stout

This beer was recommended to me by Mags Villafuerte of Gilmore wines and spirits. The moment he knew that i blog about beer, he instantly became excited and kept on talking about types and style of beers. This guy is a cum laude with beers, he knows what he sells by heart!
Looking at the bottle, i got intimidated with the drawings and the dark outlook of it. I didn't drink it right away after buying it from the store. I was looking for the right time. Since i was given a food pairing chart, i made sure that the food matches the stout and the serving glass is proper! When we had steak for dinner last week, my light bulb lit brightly!
I'll try to use the beer terms, pardon me if its wrong but please feel free to comment.
Rogue Chocolate stout has a thick and creamy head with an ebony color. It has a sweet aroma and has lager type texture and it has a light taste at first sip where in you can sense the chocolate flavor of the beer. Mild bitterness at the end to cap off a perfectly balanced stout. Mind you, this sweet beer has a 6% abv. Rogue is a product of USA and scored this beer "A" as in excellent! It is also said that this beer is perfect with desserts like cakes. I'm pretty sure a lot of pinoys will react because there is a myth here that you can't eat cake when your having beer because you'll end up in the rest room with a bad stomach. So remember, this myth is busted!
Both me and my wife enjoyed this beer! Ladies most specially, please try it!
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