Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Draft Gastropub

Remember that one of my first blogs was about Howzat Bar where i mentioned that i was a foreigner in my own country? read it here. Now, i got intrigued with Draft gastropub at the Fort. I had  a glimpse of it last September i think when i had a meeting nearby and I promised myself that i'll visit this gastropub by hook or by crook. I saw a lot of foreigners back then and it reminded me of Howzat but when i personally visited the place with my college barkada just last October, it had a totally different atmosphere as well as the crowd.
Draft Gastropub facade
 First thing i noticed is that the beer prices here are affordable. A 50cl Hoegaarden and Stella Artois from the tap is just 140 bucks. 1 liter of Becks is priced at 200 pesos. I saw the food menu and it seemed ok to me as well, i just don't have the exact figure since we came in there full from dinner. It also gave me another reason to come back and visit the place again because i also wanted to try out their food.
50cl Stella Artois.

50cl Hoegarden with Marizza.
Since Draft Gastropub is located at one of the fastest growing city, it definitely caters the upscale market, I saw a lot of personalities on that day even if it was Tuesday. They also have a 50/50 mix of the local and the foreign diners. I just wonder why they have bouncers instead of security guards, its kinda intimidating at first because bouncers are usually for clubs that sometimes they decide if they'll let you in or not but with a regular restaurant i think its a no-no because it'll definitely intimidate some customers.
view from the outside.
 Besides the taps, they also serve imported beers from bottle and can with its matching glass. I am not sure if they serve SMB. They have liquors and cocktails as well.
Imported beers on Tap.
 According to their FB page, Draft Gastropub is from the creators of Embassy, Republiq, Opus, Izakaya and the Distillery. Hmmm, i should get a discount from Tim Yap. I believe he's one of the owners...Anyways, I will definitely go back here because for me its a great place to be with your drinking buddies or even your family.
College Drinking buddies.

Mon - Sat:11:00-02:30; Sun:11:00-00:15

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