Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Erdinger Weibbier

 This is the beer that started it all. I discovered this beer way back 2009 and i blogged about the place from where i bought it. Read it here. Erdinger opened up my taste buds to beer drinking, it made me realized that every beer has its different tasting notes. And so here i am, loving what i love to do best, drinking!

Erdinger Weibbier has a big head with a very cloudy appearance. It has sweet and fruity aroma. You can easily taste the sweetness on the first sip and it has very small amount of bitterness at the end. Some bottles still has a wheat residue in it. Ladies will love this drink because its smooth, crispy and easy to gulp. ABV: 5.6%. Beer Advocate Score:  B- (decent). If a 500ml of this beer will cost me just 140 bucks, i'll choose this against any local beer, its worth every peso!

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  1. The big B in German is pronounced as an "s" - so calling it Weissbier is better (most English spellings are as "weiss". "Weiss" means white (for white wheat), "bier" means beer (of course).