Sunday, November 20, 2011


I did not have my own stag party when i was about to get married. its my choice not to have one because i heard a lot of stories that ended the relationships due to the stag party.
It really made me curious what is it all about, what happens in a stag party. Just like any other wives to be, i wanted to know the real deal. Tonight was my golden opportunity to know that. The party was set at East Asia Club in Roxas Boulevard. I'll be discreet who's party was it to prevent marriage breakups. So ladies, are you ready for this?
The movie, hangover 1 & 2, was all about bachelors party, the original was from Las Vegas and the latter was from Bangkok. None of them are real, the movie was highly exaggerated! It was pure fun, plain boys being kids again fun! Yes, there was a lot of drinking, a lot of eating and a lot of games! Card games specially poker stole the entire night!
I thought something really crazy happens during a stag party, after all it was a great bachelors party indeed! So you wives-to-be have nothing to worry about, its just in the movies!
By the way, the beer in that club was really expensive!
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