Thursday, December 8, 2011

KBOP, Quick Korean

Last November 29, 2011, we had a bloggers night at KBop quick Korean restaurant. I was the one who organized the event together with my blogging mentor Sonnie Santos. The night was filled with excitement because i get to meet new blogger friends, eat good Korean food and drink beer all at the same time! Yes, you got me right people, KBop serves beer and they are really affordable! The restaurant is very appealing to everyone specially the yuppies  because here in Manila, when we say Korean food, there's an instant stereotype that Korean restaurants are expensive; at KBop, its really a Korean restaurant for the Filipinos, authentic Korean fast food, saavy yet affordable.

KBop is located at one of the fastest growing commercial areas in Taguig City. You can find them at 2nd Level of the Venice Piazza, Mc Kinley Hill. Parking is not a problem because it has more than enough and most of all it is secured. Good looking yuppies from the BPO offices often dine at the place because of its delicious and affordable rice toppings meal like Buldakbop (BBQ chicken rice bowl), Bulgogibop (slice beef BBQ rice bowl), or the fast-growing favorite Bibimbop (mixed beef, eggs, and vegetable rice bowl), to name a few. New delectable dishes are also constantly being introduced, with Wieneke disclosing that KBop is a work in progress, with more delightful additions in the pipeline. Meantime, people will surely enjoy the Seafood Pancake, Chili Shrimp, Angus Steak, Korean Dumplings, Spicy Squid and of course, Kimchi, the star of Korean cuisine. But more than just offering a feast of savory dishes, what makes the whole  KBop experience truly rewarding is the fact that it gives the entire Filipino family an opportunity to taste and experience Korean dining not just through the reel — but for real.

The event was hosted by Jorge Wieneke (former owner of Potato Corner and Jap-OK) and Solar Entertainment Corp. executive Mel Gozum. They got together to hatch this new business venture of theirs and it did not take them long to follow the Korean wave. Thus, KBop was born. The dynamic duo was easy to be with and heart warming, typical down to earth accommodating gentlemen. And while Wieneke may be the more experienced businessman (he also helped expand the nachos franchise Buy-The-Bucket), Gozum's experience and familiarity with Korean food certainly comes in very handy. “I fell in love with Korean food when I went there in 1992,”tells Gozum, adding that their goal is also to educate Filipinos on the concept of a “fast casual” restaurant as exemplified by KBop. Fast casual, to the uninitiated, is a fast growing concept that takes inspiration from fastfood and casual dining experience. Wieneke expounds that KBop takes the idea of fast casual to another level. “What’s different with KBop is the look. It’s less intimidating, it’s more fun, colorful, and more pop. The pricing is more affordable and it’s a semi fastfood. You order, we deliver it to your table.” After the sumptuous dinner, i discovered another thing from the owners, Jorge does not drink
and Mel on the other hand is a beer fan! Once i knew he was a beer lover, i instantly offered him to taste my homebrew, i hoped he liked it. He also wants me to invite him on our beer gatherings with the Beer Club of Manila!I am really thankful to meet the owners of KBop for inviting us and my fellow bloggers for gracing the event. They are Ryan and Tarah of, Teacher Josephine Bonsol of, Ria of, Jeff Siy of and Mel of and The Voice Master himself,

To top it all, KBOP has an going Breakfast all you can and Sunday Promos perfectly fit the BPO office hours. Accenture, Lawson, HP are one of the few who can grab this promos.


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