Friday, January 20, 2012

LKF, Hong Kong's best night spot

My first trip to Hong Kong was in 1992, i was about 15 years old then. My interest then was purely childish fun like Ocean Park and shopping for Air Jordans at Mong Kok. I have no idea that Hong Kong have such tremendous night life until i discovered it 5 years ago while searching the internet because i am going with my basketball team mates. Thats when i learned the place called Lan Kwai Fung or LKF. I really made sure that i'll be able to go to LKF back then and yes, i was shocked! Awesome night life, thats when i saw Caucasians date Asians and the bars are really jam packed, It was amazing!
Just last January 12, my amazing LKF experience 5 years ago was wiped out by far by this years trip to LKF and we owe it all to Melvin Fontanilla, the Pinoy Asst. Manager at Hong Kong Brewhouse!  

Hong Kong Brew House 
If you are a Pinoy beer lover and visiting Hong Kong, you shouldn't miss this place. I actually placed it my "must visit in Hong Kong" list in Foursquare. Besides the superb line up of imported brews, the place boasts of its perfect location, right in the heart of the night spot, and they can accomodate up to 200 guests because they have a big basement.
Superb line up of REAL (Craft) beers!
They also have wide range of imported beers in TAP including our very own, San Miguel Beer. They also serve NUTS all you can!
9.5% ABV, awesomeness!

Melvin even told me that San Miguel Corporation in Hong Kong owns the distributorship of Hoegaarden and Stella Artois there.
L-R Me, Jhen and Melvin
Here's a big tip for Pinoys, when you visit LKF, your first stop should be the Hong Kong Brew House and look for Melvin. Introduced yourself as a Pinoy and you learned about him through this site. Dude, Melvin will do the rest. You know how we Pinoys treat each other when we are outside our home land, we are like family to each other and that's what Melvin did to us. He became an instant tour guide after his shift, he toured us around LKF and went to Cochraine, another bar outlet of the same company, he gave us a complimentary drinks there then he could have brought us to a Hi-end Club on top of a hotel but unfortunately it was already closed. Since he is vey hospitable, he even brought us to his former job in Wan Chai and introduced us to his friends there and we end up drunk, planking outside a YSL shop!  
Drunk = Planking 

Beer Lovers, if you want to have the ultimate LKF experience, just visit HKB and look for Melvin. But don't let him treat you, just have fun! sagot nya yung FUN!

Hong Kong Brew House

G/F & Basement,
21 D'Aguilar Street,
Lan Kwai Fong,
Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2522-5559 
Fax: (852) 2522-5560

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