Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Beer Faucets, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

When i googled "craftbeer in Japan" this bar was on the first page despite the fact that they just started operations less than a year. My trip to japan was an incentive for selling non-life insurance and it was a package tour with 29 other delegates. It was a tiring but a fun and educational tour about the land of the rising sun!

While still in Manila, i was already checking out craft beer pubs that i wanted to visit and blog about. I really didnt care about the tiring tour because i have a mission to accomplish: Drink Craft Beer in Japan! Our trip was just 3 nights long but i made sure all 3 nights were spent wisely in a Craftbeer pub!
I learned that craft brewing in Japan just started in 2004 when the government allowed brewing and distribution of beer in a smaller scale. And so the Craft Beer market in Japan was born, though the large Japanese market is not yet all knowledgeable about craftbeer but the craft brewers are already positioning themselves in the craft beer industry.

We stayed at Sunshing City Crown Prince hotel in Ikebukuro, 5 stations away to my target place Shibuya via JR line. My friends praised me for my guts to travel alone without any knowlege in Nihonggo but i survived speaking english with sign language!

Barley Wine, 15% ABV
Shibuya is a great night spot in Japan, maybe i can compare it to Hong Kongs' LKF but larger by 5 times. The search is on while my iphone is lowbatt and my 3g signal is poor that i cant use my google map. So i made use of the last few minutes to open the screenshot of Good Beer Faucets address and showed it to a group of ladies for direction, they are nice and even used their own google maps and pointed me the way. Finally, i reached my destination and ordered my first craft brew of the night, Hakusekikan Hurricane Barley Wine, 15% ABV. Basically, it tastes like wine, feels like wine, looks like wine but its made of beer ingredients like malted barley. Both genders will love this mostly wine drinkers.
My second beer for the night was Karl Strausse Red Trolley, a very basic type of beer. Small head that  dissolves easily, tastes and smells sweet but lacks carbonation,  5.8% ABV.

I forgot how much per glass but if i remember it right, i paid close to 3000 yen that night. Not bad for a craft beer, right?

I was really enthusiastic and excited arriving at the Good Beer Faucets, the first thing i asked the waiters is if i can charge my iphone because i need to take photos of the beer and the place, she quickly said yes and gave me a good seat in the bar where the socket is near. I also figured out that electricity in Japan is cheap because of their Nuclear power plants unlike here in Manila, most restaurants has a charging fee.

I am a very talkative and friendly guy, so while i was enjoying my barley wine, i was telling the pretty waitresses that i enjoy drinking craft beers and that i am from the Philippines, i also showed them my blog site. Since they are also friendly and english speaking, they introduced me to the manager, He's a japanese speaking Israeli, pardon me if i used the correct term. He's also nice and showed me how their tap operates.(see photos)

Overall, i did not regret getting lost in the JR Train, ran out of iPhone battery, getting lost again in Shibuya. Rushing to drink because the JR line closes at 13:00, things like that. From the Craft beers to the bar itself, it was all worth it. A bit expensive but you can never pay for the experience! For more info on the Good Beer Faucets, please visit their site here.

40 craft beers in TAP
Kegs inside a walk-in refrigerator
Additional cooling system of the Tap

Cooling Guages
The GoodbeerFaucets Team

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