Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai China

Before i left for China last July 4, i tweeted my must-go places on my Shanghai trip. They are Boxing Cat Brewery and Shanghai Brewery both in Shanghai of course but i only fulfilled one because of the tour's very very tight schedule. It was a 5 day tour; we had a 2 night stay in Hanzhou then transfered to Suzhou then to our final stop, Shanghai. It was really tiring because of the long travels in the bus and i hated it when i learned that we will just have an overnight stay in Shanghai but i have no choice but to follow since this was a free trip to us as a sales incentive for achieving a certain quota for selling non-life insurance.

I am really decided to go to either one of them even though the Shanghai tourist guide told me that it is far from the hotel we are staying. I also expected that not all locals would know the place because craft beer in Asia is just starting and with the thousands of bar and restaurants in Shanghai, even tour guides will have a hard time knowing them all.

Just before we finished our sumptuous dinner, i was already pooling who's interested to go to a beer adventure with me. Just for everyones information, our tour was always served with 2 700ml bottles of beer per table every lunch and dinner time but it was definitely those yellow fizzy beer with just 2.5% ABV in it, not even Tsing Tao beer, which is visible in the Philippine market.

So the beer drinkers in the tour gladly raised there hands up and joined me. They are Mark and James , Garry, Romy and Beer Lover in Manila!

I decided to go to Boxing Cat Brewery in Yong Fu since this was the nearest to our Hotel. Shanghai is very big, we spent 80 RMB on a taxi cab one way to the restaurant, thats around 525 pesos. My love and enthusiasm for craft beer grows faster than i thought, i always wanted to introduce and explain whats the difference between craft beer and commercial beers to my beer pals like Mark, James, Garry and Romy. And i thank them for being interested wanted to experience it even if its a bit pricey.
BCB is a very cozy and elegant bar. I immediately noticed that most of its customers are caucasians that is why most of their staffs knows how to speak english. They have around 6-8 home-brewed beers in tap and a lot of craft beers in bottles. They also serve wines and spirits for the non-beer drinkers. They serve western food but since we are full, we just ordered nachos as our "pulutan" or beer mate. Lot prices in Shanghai are extremely expensive as boasted by our Shanghai tour guide might be the reason why BCBs lot area is small but they added 2 more floors to accomodate their ever growing guests. They have a pool table on their 3rd floor, they also have function rooms for private parties.
I had a hard time doing the tasting notes because i have friends to accomodate but i still tried because i also wanted to use the beer diary gift that my friend Sheryl Lou gave me. Thank you again and she's available by the way, lol!
L-R (BLM, Mark, James, Romy in Black, Garry)

I drank the Golden Bay Saison, i has hard time listening to what the server was offering me at first because they hardly can pronounce it properly until i saw the spelling on the black board that they have. This beer is part of their brewers choice menu for that night. Saison was considered an endangered style but somehow BCB brewmaster just made a keg of it and we were lucky to have tried one. We had 3 50cl of it for 50 yuan each, A local beer in China with 70cl would cost only around 2 yuan. That's how special craft beers are!

Saison according to wiki is a low-alcohol pale ale that is brewed Seasonally, the english meaning of it. It has a medium head that dissolves easily, it has a golden brown to yellow in color, it has a very low beer aroma. Its tasting notes are smooth at first sip, bitter in the middle and citrus taste at the end. Its ABV is 5.1%. Since we had 3 glasses of this, i can say that we loved it and its an easy to drink type of beer.
Golden Bay Saison
We stayed at BCB up until their closing time which is 2 am. The only thing i suggest they must have is a WIFI. Nowadays, resto bars should have a wifi, its an instant promotion because i could have posted our photos to Instagram and i could have checked in via Foursquare but since they don't have, i wasn't able to do this there and i wasn't able to introduce myself properly as a beer blogger, i could have taken more photos including their microbrewery and with their staffs as well just like what i've done in my Tokyo trips posts like in Good Beer Faucets and Vivo! beer + Dinner.

The Taps in the 3rd Level

BLM at the fascade
To all craft drinkers, this place is a must visit in Shanghai, Cheers!

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