Monday, September 3, 2012

Bottle, Can or in Tap?

Hi beer fans! Its been a while, got so tied up with work but i never missed drinking beer, i just missed blogging about it.

Before when i wast just a heavy beer drinker, i always preferred beer in bottles than in can and never in taps. But now when i learned more about beer and home brewing and crafts, i believe beers in Tap are more fresh and delicious than beers in can and bottle. The order of deliciousness now for me is Tap, Can and bottle. Why?

Beers in TAPs are fresher and delicious because they are kegged right after the whole brewing process, safe from contamination. Same with beers in can. I used to love bottled beers because its very common in the Philippines, but sometimes when you taste the beer in bottle, the initial flavor is awful, "lasang kalawang" taste like rust, that is what you call contaminated beer, the beer that i just drank was mishandled that the beer touched the crown that is why the initial flavor taste like rust. Some bartenders or low class restaurants here in Manila doesn't know how to keep the bottled beers fresh, they wanted to chill the beer and put it on a ice chest with 50/50 meaning half of it filled with ice and the other half is water so the beer bottle is floating on any direction, that's very wrong. Bottled beer should be stored upright position until served. Although, nobody died yet because of beer contamination, its just awful to drink!

Now you know, whenever you are in a club or bar and you see beers chilled in a wrong way, don't bother to order it, its just a waste of money because for sure that beer will taste bad.

Cheers! Feel free to comment.


  1. hi rich! this is a nice blog you have here, do continue to post your beer-related thoughts, as it is informative. should i get the chance to go to those places you've been to, i'd definitely try out your suggestions.

    as for T/C/B, i agree that tap usually has the freshest beer. i just haven't had very good beer experiences with cans, hence i prefer bottles over cans. i think it's because bottles are generally bought more by the public, hence the product in cans end up getting stale. but i'm sure you're the type of drinker who can already tell between a fresh and stale brew, regardless of packaging :)

    cheers to your next drinking experience! ren

    1. Thanks for the thoughts and the compliment Ren. We have a beer club page in Facebook, You might wanna join. Just search beer club of Manila.

      Most probably your correct with the analysis that here in our country, bottles are more sale-able that's why cans taste stale.