Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kaiserdom Lager Dragon Year Edition 2012

I am a very happy father today, October 10, 2012. My wife just gave birth to a healthy baby dragon girl! As a Chinese, we believe that having a dragon baby is auspicious to our family. What made the day so special is because that we decided not to know the gender until today, that's why we are really surprised and happy to have a baby girl to complete a perfect family of five. I have 2 boys and 1 girl!
Here is the photo of my dragon girl with Mommy and Daddy!

In celebration, i really made sure to secretly bring in this special edition beer that i bought from my trip in Shanghai last July 2012. Because its not allowed inside the hospital so i hope the hospital director is not one of my followers! lol.

Dragon Edition 2012

Kaiserdom Lager Special Dragon Edition 1 liter can. While we were at a grocery store in Shanghai, i immediately noticed this because of its Dragon design and its 1 liter can, its very rare in Manila to see a 1 liter beer in can and Kaiserdom as brand. When i knew that its a German beer, i was really sold 100%. I am quite bias when i see German beers because i already have the notion of getting a good beer because of the Oktoberfest thing.

Its commercial description is  this: "Original German beer brewed and canned by Kaiserdom-Privatbrauerei, Bamberg, Germany. Brewed according to the German Purity Law"

My notes: Pale Yellow in Color, Small and easy to dissolve head. Citrusy smell, Smooth and Light taste at the front of your tongue then slight bitterness at the end.
Its a very common type of beer, lager. The tasting notes could be the same as our San Mig Light. Alcohol Content is 4.5% served on a 1liter tin can. My personal rate for this is just 1.7 out of 5 because there is just some taste that is missing but scored it 12.

Cheers everyone!

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