Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paulaner Hefe-weibbier

While waiting for my wife to finish her pregnancy photoshoot at the picture company, i found myself a more relaxing thing to do rather than drinking coffee. Drink and blog about it. I missed beer blogging because of the hectic schedule, Oktober fest almost slipped pass me until today.

Paulaner is one of many famous German beer brands that is visibly present in the country. I have tried this a couple of times but failed to take notes of it until today. One of my favorite beer types is wheat beer because of its sweet and easy to drink characteristics. True enoungh, this beer is for everyone, from starter to a semi-beer geek like me.
The golden cloudy appearance is enough to make anyone drool about it. Picture pa lang panalo na! It has a fruity aroma. It has a Light to blonde first sip, minimal sweetness at the middle, almost no bitternes at the end. Very easy to drink wheat beer. A lady beer drinker would want to prefer this over a San Mig light. It only has 5.5%abv and it is served in a 50cl bottle. Explorers lounge on sells this for 135 pesos. San ka pa?!