Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anderson Valley Poleeko Pale Ale

I thought blogging during the long all saints day weekend will be easy, i was wrong. My wife just gave birth to a baby girl last October 10, and she is still recovering from the CS section. She is also an advocate of breastfeeding so she wakes up every 2 hours to feed the baby and/or pump. (Pump-using a Medela breast milk machine to get milk from her breast and store it) So i thought the holiday will be long and i will have lots of time to drink and blog, unfortunately i underestimated the reality of waking up every 3 hours to help my wife clean the pumping machine, let the baby stop crying and tame our two boys in the morning! Gosh, that is a lot harder than office work! Anyways, tonight i made sure that my boys slept early so i can drink and blog.

I am really excited about the beers i bought from Gilmore wines and spirits. Something new to my eyes. Anderson Valley Poleeko Pale Ale, Gold Medal Winner!

Anderson Valley brewing company is from Boonville, California, USA. They have different varieties of beer, i chose to buy the Pale Ale for 180 pesos. They also boast of a solar powered brewery. Since i am not an expert yet in tasting notes, i want something new but familiar with the type so that i can distinguish the difference.

Poleeko Pale Ale poured in a golden brown hazy color at first, it has a small white head that easily dissolves. Citrusy aroma which is very enticing. Sweet on the first sip then followed by a clean, crisp bitterness from medium to end. This beer is a bit bitter compared to our local SMB pale but it is more flavorful and the aroma is stronger. I like how the flavor mixes inside the mouth. Very easy to drink!

My beer buddy app in iphone scored it at 3.24 out of the perfect 5. But for me, ill rate it 4 of 5. Cheers everyone! My next blog post will be Niponia, special edition beer of Hitachino Nest.


  1. Where can I get a bottle of that bad boy? Cool blog!

    1. I bought it from Gilmore Wines and Spirits. Its also available at Global Beer Exchange. You can check them out at Facebook.