Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chimay Red "premiere"

Its been a while since my last blog, there were so much things to do that i wasn't able to drink beer that much. My wife gave birth last October, we started renovating our condo last October as well and we moved in to our new place last December 23. Everything came all too fast for 2012. It was a good year though! The dragon year was indeed auspicious for me and i hope for everyone!

The night i posted to instagram the gift set i bought from SnR, a lot of my followers was intrigued and and bothered with the brand name " Chimay" because here in Manila, the term "Chimay" means a slang local female household help or helper. In the beer world, Chimay is an authentic trappist beer that is delicious and tasty! 

Chimay is a municipality in a Belgian province of Hainaut. Chimay beers are brewed by cistercian trappist monks to support their employment and livelihood since 1862 in that part of Belgium.

Chimay Red is the first beer that was brewed in Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey by the Trappist fathers in 1862. See full story here.

For me Chimay Red has a brownish appearance, medium creamy heady that stays longer than the usual. It has slightly fruity aroma but not evident. The initial sip is easy and smooth up to the palate, has a very slight bitterness despite the alcohol content is 7%. Very easy to drink beer and delicious! Even a beginner can enjoy the beer! My personal score for this beer is 15/20. Ratebeer.coms overall rating is a whopping 19/20! Retail price for this beer ranges from P180 to P250. Its a must-try and it will be worth it! This abbey dubbel is best paired with barbecue and stews. Glass should be chalice type to enhance beer aroma!

That's it for now, my next blog will be the Chimay White, Abangan! Cheers.

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