Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beer Appreciation Class by Endurun

Its really an honor to be invited in a private gathering such as the beer appreciation class by an emerging upscale culinary institution in the country such as Endurun. Its even more special when the beer professor was Paolo Reyes, head of the beverage faculty department.

The class started with the history of beer , how it began and originated. Of course, its was in Egypt again, i think most things originated there because of its longevity. Beer back then was even used as a form of payment to slaves. According to wiki, beer has been a part of the diet of egyptian pharaohs some 5000 years ago. Then the topic moved to the brewing process, the one explained was for commercial process with the mashing and grinding of wheat, malts and barley. After which Mr. Reyes already explained the kinds beer like which is divided to two, ales and lagers and gave some example of ales like stouts, pale ales and wheat beers to name a few. And lagers like pilsners, bock, lights.
Then the best part, he now went to his ice chest and grabbed our first beer sample, Kirin from Japan. A sample of lager, light and crisp but its a commercial beer. He asked his student assistant to start filling our glasses and he thought the class how to do tasting notes with beer namely the head or foam, the color, the aroma and the taste. Since it is just a short class, he didn't go to details already. Our 2nd beer was Oettinger, it was supposed to be a wheat beer but it ended up a lager as well. Here, i was reluctant when he was saying it was a wheat beer because it doesn't show in the beers appearance but i stayed quiet and carried on. Our 3rd beer was a Guinness, this one is special because he prepare in bottles and in can and showed us how thick the foam was from the can because of the special ball inside. The taste also differs unfortunately, the one in the can failed because i believe its spoiled already, its totally bland. Our 4th beer was a Rogue hazelnut ale, loved the taste! I will definitely buy a 6 pack of this! Rogue is an american craft beer company and its sold locally. Our 5th beer was also from an american craft beer company called Ballast Point. Its the calico amber ale, very hoppy beer not for the newbie but its good, not my type though. Our last beer is from Canada, a champaign inspired beer, Unibroue La Fringante. It has unique distinctive taste, very elegant and the beer show lots of malt residues. according to Paolo, a bottle costs around 1200 pesos.
Our beer tasting class also served us cocktails, its all delicious but i don't know what it was except for my favorite sisig on a Chinese spoon.
Overall, the objective of the class served its purpose because i assume everyone appreciated and understand beer more not just to gulp it but savor the flavors in it.
After the class, Paolo acknowledge everyone and poured in more beers to us, a few chats before leaving. And since i noticed that the 2nd beer was not a wheat beer, i first went to the beer can to make sure that my instincts are correct and then i humbly informed Paolo that it was not a wheat beer which he acknowledge and told me that probably the help took the wrong cans from the fridge. And he said to me, wow! I think i 'm gonna get you to be a professor here which is flattering but i humbly declined to teach because i am not an expert and told him he can invite me though as a guest speaker if he needs one.
The end was yet to come because Paolo is coming up with a part 2 of the beer appreciation night! Yahoo. Cheers for now!

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