Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Bottle Shop by Gbx

I have been longing to visit this place, finally found a perfect time last Friday, March 8 when we had to go South of Manila for a wedding reception. Texted a few friends and Voila.
The bottle shop is a unique kind of beer drinking place, you don't get to see beer gawkers and drunkards in this type of place. TBS is sophisticated and simple but classy. Their main business is importation and distribution of wide range American and Japanese craft beers so they have lots of exclusive craft beers in their shelves. If you are a beer lover like me, you can't wait to drink the hefty priced craft beers 'til you reach your home that is why Jim Araneta thought of putting on some tables for the ever growing population of beer geeks like me and you! I cant describe it as a restaurant because they don't have a kitchen, i can't call it a bar either because there are no bar tenders, its not a beer garden also because there is no garden, probably the best adjective for the place is just "the bottle shop" . They have servers and whats awesome about their servers is that they know what they are selling, they ask you what type of beer and they give you a matching craft beer to satisfy your tastebuds. Newbies will not be hesitant to visit because the servers are knowledgeable and for sure if you happen to bump in to Jim when he is there, he will give you an instant craft beer 101 session.
My only negative comment on the TBS is that they charge more if you consume the beer inside premise, for me its not logical, they should have put the higher price instead. No one will mind since they are there wanting to taste good beers and they expect to pay more. Well, its just me being a marketing guy. Cheers!
Oh by the way, they also sell locally brewed craft beers, i tasted the Negros brew but i didn't like it. Was not able to try the Katipunan Craft, sold out already. I hope if i am able to home-brew again, i wish that it will be in those shelves too! Kampai!


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  2. Great post! I hope to visit this place soon. Are the beers sold refrigerated if someone wants to drink them on-site? Or do you have to drink them warm? Might be cool to see some taps in store as well! Cheers!

  3. Thank you! yes, they have chilled beers for consumption inside the store!