Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dubai, is it ALCOHOL free country?

I have several friends who frequents Dubai or is working in Dubai. In fact, when i posted in my Facebook that i am going to Dubai, most of them wanted to take me out to lunch or dinner. A typical Pinoy hospitality. I always asked them, can i find good places to drink beer there or simply can we drink there? All of them answered that there is beer but you can only drink them in hotels or at home. That kinda turned me off because the liberty of enjoying the beer is limited.
So the moment we are departing MNL-DBX, i already drank a can of Budweiser while in the plane because i thought i will not have a chance to drink there in Dubai. But my interpretation was wrong, Dubai is a very liberated country, alcohol and beers are just regulated on what they call licensed stores which i assume costs a lot of money to have that only Hotels are capable in securing them because i visited my favorite beer drinking place, Chillis in Jumeirah beach walk, and they dont serve beer or alcohol. I think that is cool mostly if we apply it in Philippines, crime rate will really go down by 80%. Because a lot of people can't handle themselves when drunk thus causes them to commit a crime or get into accidents. Seriously, our Government should look in to this if they are serious about our crime rates.

Anyway, Despite the jet lag and the swollen feet from our tour, Me and my wife agreed to have a glass or 2 beers at any Dubai establishment. Our first option was Chillis which is very near our hotel but since they don't serve alcohol we went back to our hotel and proceeded at the hotel's English Pub, Mövenpick West Side Bar, its a great sports bar with pool table, large projector screen and several lcds that plays non-stop sports tv. The best gadget they have there is the beer taps! They serve 7 beer brands on Tap and its FROZEN! I tried Carling lager, its an english beer, and typical commercial beer but its refreshing! Jhen drank Stella Artois. We just had a bottle because we are really tired on our 2nd night.
Since we enjoyed the ambience and the beer we came back again on our last night and drank a couple of heineken and Stella.
On our departure day, i bought a single malt whiskey at the airport, a 16 year old Islay, aged in wine barrels. Its Bruichladdich, this is the only thing i got for my self and its cheap at 240AED. This brand was recommended to me by the Pinoy whiskey salesman, he knows what he sells and he gave me 10% off after our short talk and he discovered my passion with beer and single malt whiskey. Cool!

While on Emirates flight to Manila, i again enjoyed 2 cans if Heineken to lessen my boredom for 8hours flight. Hehe!

So beer lovers like me who plans to visit Dubai and worried about beer visibility is no longer a problem, Beers and booze are readily available in Dubai! Cheers to all and we are really looking forward to return to Dubai soon!

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