Monday, July 1, 2013

Brewdog Dead Pony Club

This bottle had me at my first glimpse at the craft beer rack of Gilmore Wines and Spirts shop. The beer label is distinct compared to the rest, the name is catchy, BrewDog, something that is totally contradicting, beer and dog? Hmm, made me think. Well, i still bought it because the craft beer scene is getting wider,weirder and more of thinking without the box thing of industry, so i have nothing to lose but everything to gain with it.
Dead Pony Club is an american pale ale with a twist. Despite its low alcohol content of just 3.8%ABV, it is a very hoppy beer. It has a fruity-apricot aroma, very fast dissolving head, high carbonation as seen on the photo. Golden Amber in appearance. It has a clean and smooth first sip and you'll feel the avalanche of hops at the end of your palate. The bitterness is very obvious, beginners might not like it but craft beer is all about flavors and hops so this is a very good start for wannabe craft beer drinkers! score: 92/100
BLM: 4/5 86/100

Brewdog is a very young but well established craft beer brewery in Scotland. They just started in 2007 with just 2 employees and a dog, so i guess thats where they derived the name Brewdog. And by 2012, they already have 135 employees, 10 brewdog bars and awarded as the fastest growing company in Scotland. Whats even amazing is that they did it while the entire Europe is in recession! No alibis just kept the faith! Whats also interesting is that, the Scotland part from where they are is under United Kingdom. Ang galing nito, i hope brewdog will officially open a bar in our country! Cheers.
Checkout their video on how they make their brews! To know more about brewdog, please visit their site here.


  1. Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are countries in the United Kingdom (which is a sovereign state, and also a country). Which is confusing.
    That is a lovely beer, quite light with a real kick to it.

  2. Thanks Tom for the added info on Scotland. Is it the entire Scotland or just a portion of it? it is really confusing.
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