Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Katipunan Craft Amarillo Anniverasay IPA

I feel proud to fellow homebrewer who made it to the craft beer scene in Manila. Cheers to the brewers and owners of Katipunan Craft! Galing nyo!

I still consider myself a home brewer even though i have just done it once because i know i will be brewing again and the next time i'm gonna brew, i now know who to call to taste them, you!

Katipunan Craft Amarillo Anniversary IPA is a very decent craft beer. It pours in with a very thick head probably it was highly carbonated, the foam dissolves slowly. Dark amber in color, a slight hint of citrus aroma. It is clean and smooth at first sip, leaves no trace in palate, ends with just the right amount of bitterness. I think thats where the amarillo hops comes in. It has a 6%ABV.

My personal score for this IPA is 3 of 5 stars. No available rating yet from and If you are Pinoy, you really have to taste and support it. So that it will be known worldwide. Men and Women alike will definitely find it easy to drink it as the beer type is common, ale.

If i am not mistaken, Katipunan Craft brewers are probably from Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City or they could be an Atenean, thus naming their beer company as such. I will now be waiting for a Taft Craft brewers to rise or someone who is a La Sallian, oops wait, that could be me?! hehe. Nevertheless, the rivalry between Ateneo and LaSalle should only stay in UAAP. In the craft beer scene, everybody should be just enjoying the beer, Cheers!

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