Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eastwood City's Beerfest Kick Off Party

For so many years back, i wanted to go to an Oktoberfest sort of festivities here in Manila but i always ended up not going because of the heavy traffic, the usual sponsor of this beer event is SMB, the leader in local beer segment. This year is quite different, there were several places that celebrated the iconic Munich based festivity. Brotzeit in Shangrila, Sofitel Philippine Plaza and Eastwood City's beer fest to name a few!

I chose to go to Eastwood because its free and it looked promising because they were featuring local craft beers like Katipunan Craft and Craftpoint and they have live bands to entertain the beer frenzy crowd. We arrived the area at 9pm  and tickets were sold out already. I didnt know that tickets were being sold in the first place and i was thinking it will be open to everyone who wishes to buy craft beers from the booth. Sadly, wasn't able to go in but that didn't stop me from enjoying the night.

We headed to Publiko eat+drink and enjoyed the night with beer lover friends. The place is huge and they serve imported beers in tap. Last night, they have Hoegaarden and Becks to choose from. Local beers are available in bottles. The service is not that ok yet maybe they were still adjusting. They charged us an extra pint that we didnt received but they acknowledge the error after we complained. I ordered a 200++ hamburger, it didnt come with a fries with it, which i think it should have to comepte with Chilli'a or TGIFridays. The burger is just right. Nonetheless, Publiko bar is promising and a future must-go to restaurant bar in Eastwood City.

We can't ask for more, drinking and chatting with beer loving friends are already a treat! I am really hopeful that there are still beer fest to go to next week!

Info: There are many beer drinking bars and restaurant in eastwood city. But i know 2 bars that serves imported beer, its the Distillery and Publiko Eat + drink. But according to the kickoff party, other bars will be selling imported beers as well for the month of October, around 150 beers brands to choose from. Cheers!

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