Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Delirium Tremens

I bought this beer almost 3 weeks ago, my first plan was to drink and blog on it immediately then i got busy so it got stocked for a week, then i thought of giving the set to a good friend but later on i found out that she's not into beer so it only meant one thing, it's meant to be drank by me! Tonight is extra special because i am tasting this beer so that i'll be able to talk about it tomorrow at ANC's Shop Talk segment and the topic will be about Oktoberfest in Manila. I was lucky to be invited to talk about beer.

Delirium Tremens boasts about being nominated as the best beer in the world in 1997. Won a gold medal in Chicago in 1999 in the World Beer Championships. (Ref: beer buddy app)

The beer pours in a golden yellow appearance, thick and highly carbonated head that easily dissolves. It has a citrusy and fruity aroma. The word tremens meant that this beer was fermented with 3 types of yeast. Maybe the reason for its high alcohol content of 8.5%abv. Despite  that it is a strong beer, it has clean and crisp taste at first sip and leaves no trace of bitterness in your palate. Very easy to drink strong beer.
I just noticed a rusty taste at first maybe because of how it was handled and stored from Belgium to our country. Nevertheless, its one of the best beer i tasted!
My personal score for this is 4/5. I bought this one from SnR and it comes with a glass, im a sucker for beer glasses so i have to buy it. Cheers! Catch me tomorrow 6pm onwards at ANC channel. I hope i can get a soft copy so that i can publish it in youtube for those who will miss it.

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