Friday, October 4, 2013

My ANC Shoptalk TV appearance

Nagsimula sa patikimtikim, pinilit kong gustuhin...kabilin-bilinan ng lola huwag uminom ng cerveza...

Even in this day and age, there are still a few stereotypes with beer in our country. Parents don't drink beer in front of their teenagers and vice versa. This can't be, beer is healthy! You should drink it together openly, no need to hide. Beer is a beverage, its perfect pair to your food. But again, everything should be in moderation.

Beer is good. because of my love for beer, i was invited to guest at a prestigious channel, ABS-CBN news channel's show SHOP TALK hosted by the gorgeous Ria Trillo.

This is a once in a lifetime experience for me. The show started at exactly 7pm. The first segment was about franchising and organic lechon. Sofitel was next and they featured their upcoming Oktoberfest event on October 18 & 19 sponsored by San Miguel beer. I got the opportunity to meet the Chairman of Oktoberfest, Michael Scheile. We had a few chat, thanks for the pretzel!

My segment is next, got really nervous and the cold studio even triggered my nervousness at the highest level. Ria was really supportive in telling me "don't worry, you wont notice it and later were done and it will be easy because this is something you liked so no pressure."

Then she already introduced me and asked me series of questions. Here are some of the answers i gave without stuttering: To see the video link, click here.
1. My love for beer started when i went to  Munich last 2004. From breakfast to dinner, beer was served to us. Water is more expensive than beer back then.
2. SMB and Asia brewery is our country's pride when it comes to beer but its nice to try different types and flavors of beer.
3. Beer should be poured this way so that the spirits and flavors will come out naturally and  it can create a good foam on top.
4. Not all imported beers are good that is why i created the blog to guide beer lovers like me before they purchase the beer because imported beers ranges from 100 up to as high as 1000 pesos.
5. Craft beers are more delicious because they focus more on the ingredients comparing to our local lingo "lutong bahay" 
6. The color of the beer depends on the ingredients used, it does not mean a darker beer has more alcohol content than the lighter one.
7. My favorite type of beer is weizen pr wheat beer because its sweet and easy to drink. Hitachino Nest is a japanese craft beer.
8. Delirium has a fruity aroma but kicks you after. It has a high alcohol content of 8.5%.
9. Chimay is from Belgium and it is brewed by monks. It also has a high alcohol content.
10. Visit my blog at
11. Good beer places to have imported beers, brotzeit in shngrila mall, draft in makati, bravo in makati and pivo in ortigas. I missed mentioning The bottle shop in magallanes, distillery and publiko in Eastwood.
12. We have a growing home-brew beer industry.
I wasn't able to introduced the beers on set, they are (from Right) Chimay White, Delirium Tremens, Brewdog fruity Ale and Hitachino Nest German Weizen.
After all segments were done, the staff and guests ate the food by Chef Dino Guingona and drank the beers that i brought. I was eying on the Rolls royce of burger but someone got ahead of me. Hehe.

Damn! Its easier writing it than on the set.  I cant express my words quickly and my brain is literally freezing at that moment. But they said i did well, so ill take it! Did i miss something? I'll post the youtube here when i have it. Cheers! Enjoy the photos below.
Disclaimer: I brought and bought the beers and glasses along.

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