Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hopf White

My sister in law knows me too much! She surprised me with this. To tell you honestly, I had doubts that this was a beer because the bottle is unique and all texts are in German and there is no visible "bier" or "bierre" in the label. So i had to research it online before drinking it.
Hopf beer is rarely visible in the country in fact, my sister in law bought this from a posh Deli store near our place, Santis Delicatessen in Timog. WeiƟbierbrauerei Hopf GmbH (Wheat beer brewery HOPf GMBH) is from a small city in Germany called Mies Bach near Bavaria. They only have 23 employees and they specialize in wheat beers.

Hopf white pours in hazy yellow color with a thick head. It has fruity or somewhat of a banana scent. Clean and crisp on your first sip then you'll also taste the banana flavors while its in your palate. No bitterness, very easy to drink beer. ABV 5.5%

Overall, i loved it. Will buy more. Its in the range of P200-P250 in Santis. Cheers!
My rating for this is 3.99/5 scores it 3.47/5

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