Sunday, November 3, 2013

Puerto Princesa Palawan: Beautiful Place Beautiful People

My blog tonight is not only about beer but a paradise that i wanted to share to everyone. Palawan! It's actually a blessing in disguise kind of thing, business with pleasure trip, literally unplanned, sort of "The Secret" book thing. I really am thankful for my Uncle Ramon who wanted to have his future 5 Star Resort to be insured. I am also thankful to my insurance principal, Standard Insurance, headed by Mr. Romulo Manucom for trusting in me and sponsored my trip to this beautiful island. With both instance, i ended up having a vacation for free! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, universe!

The beauty of Palawan is not just limited to the now famous and new seven wonders of the world, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park or more commonly known by the locals as the Underground River. I can say the locals of Palawan are all well-mannered, knowledgable and tourist friendly! The Filipino culture of hospitality is really not there anymore in most places in the Philippines but in Palawan, you feel it, from the taxicle to the tour guides to the hotel staff. They are all very kind and you know that you are safe with their company. That's very important for me as tourist, kudos to all Palawenyos! I shall return.

The underground river is really amazing. For me its the patience of time that moulded this place into what it is now. It is the deeper essence of how water shaped the harder rock into a beautiful sculpture. I really wanted to tell the Filipinos that we should all pattern our lives to the partnership rocks and water in the Underground River; we just keep on going to the right path, do the right things and have a better judgement in life, soon we will become the precious stalactites and stalagmites found in the underground river. If Palawan, Subic and Davao can perfectly implement the anti-littering law, why can't the entire Philippines?

Anyway, I really am inviting you guys to check out Palawan! truly worth the trip. Beer is almost everywhere in Palawan but there's one place that i have been to that serves beer in tap, its Kinabuch along Rizal Ave. They are also famous for their Crocodile meats and exotic food "tamilok". Don't have much to say because we went there for a quick dinner because our flight is just an hour to go and was not able to drink beer there too because it was the barangay election day so its liquor ban. Hence, i have to go back! Yipee... Here are some of the photos i took!

Recommended Hotels: Acacia Tree Garden Hotel, Nice boutique Hotel; Sheridan Resort Hotel, everything in it type of Hotel, good food too!
Soon in December 2013, Princesa Garden Resort Hotel...lagoon villas available!

Cave Opening to the underground river

Panoramic shot from my iPhone 4s of Sabang beach, Palawan

Powdery sand

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