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Holgate, mate!

The craft beer revolution is everywhere. Craft beers has played a big role in the global trading market. Lots and lots of craft beer brands are coming in the Philippines lately, one of them is an Aussie amber liquid, Holgate Brewhouse!  Yes mate, you read it right! An Australian craft beer company is already here and ready to give everyone the flavors from their continent.

Last November 19 and 20, MGM Premium Beverages, Inc. invited me to two of a series of beer launches at Vask Moderne Tapas at BGC and M Cafe in Greenbelt, Makati respectively.
Master brewer and founder Paul Holgate was there to give us a beer 101 for all of his craft brews, what a treat! There were about 6 varieties of unlimited beer pours, Yummy!

Holgates' line ups are the following with there tasting notes and features:
1. Pilsner- 5.1% ABV, light bodied and delicately balanced beer with serious flavor. Gold Medal at AIBA 2007.
2. Roadtrip- 5.8% ABV, A super-charged but dangerously sessionable All-American hop-bomb, this golden hued IPA is loaded up with multiple additions of Chinook, Centennial and Citra hops from the Pacific Northwest of the USA, resulting in an explosion of piney, citrus and grapefruit flavour and aroma.
3. ESB-5.0% ABV, Extra Special Bitter. A classic earthy English bitter. Awarded Gold Medal 2000, 2001 and 2006 at AIBA; 2010 Gold & Trophy Royal Perth Beer Show.
4. Mt. Macedon Ale- 4.5% ABV. It has a delicate caramel malt flavour complemented by pine and citrus hop aromas. Gold Medal Aiba 2003; Silver Medal, London 2010.
5. Hopinator- 7.0% ABV. It has a brash bitterness that vies for palate dominance over a smooth caramel malt bill. Silver Medal, London 2010.
6. Temptress- 6.0% ABV.  a complex palate of alluring chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours, balanced by a hint of vanilla. Gold Medal at Aiba 2010, Silver at Aiba 2009; Gold Medal London, international beer challenge awards 2009.

*tasting notes and infos from
AIBA- Australian International Beer Awards

Holgate craft beers are perfect for food pairing because of its flavorful tastes that balances the food that you eat. At the degustation in Vask Tapas, Chef Luis prepared exquisite gourmet cuisine, he used the beers as ingredients as well.

My Favorite from the Menu, sea urchin paired with Mt. Macedon Pale Ale
While at the craft beer master class in M-Cafe, delicious Filipino cocktail was also paired with Holgate craft beers.

Holgate's party keg!
At the Master Class event, met 2 well known craft beer personalities in Jim Araneta and Pauly Stuart Del Rosario. They are both excited for the Holgate brand coming in Manila, more craft beer brands mean more fun in the Philippines.
with Fat Pauly's Beer founder and master brewer Pauly Del Rosario

with the local craft beer living legend, advocate and hophead Jim Araneta.
Watch out for my personal tasting notes on the beer, soon! It is said that its not proper and wise to do tasting notes while drinking multiple styles of beer. Besides distinguishing the many flavors, getting drunk is also a major factor. Oh by the way, a lady fell while drinking the Hopinator on the event. She drunk too much without knowing her limits, good thing she was ok and she continued the night just well.

About Holgate Brewhouse
Holgate Brewhouse is an independent craft brewery run by a small team passionate about hand-crafting fresh, full flavoured beers.
Located 45 minutes from Melbourne in the picturesque village of Woodend, visit the brewery inside our iconic, restored 19th century hotel with restaurant and accommodation and eight Holgate beers on tap.
Most young Aussies head over seas to check out the world beyond our sunburnt shores, and Paul and Natasha Holgate were no exception. On holiday trips to the USA and Europe in the 1990s they were amazed at the whole world of beer and beer styles out there. The USA was an inspiration to the young Holgate's, who saw the thriving microbrewing industry there and decided to just do it! Both of migrant families - Paul's family from Manchester England and Natasha's from Sri Lanka - they decided to quit their corporate jobs and follow their passion. Paul originally found his love of baking cakes and pastries, making jams and ginger beer from his Mum at home as a youngster and converted that to all-grain brewing from first principles while at University.

Where to find Holgate Brewhouse
4. The Bowery (opening soon)
5. The Black Pig

Holgate Brewhouse is exclusively imported and distributed by MGM premium beverages. You may also follow them on and on Instagram: @theblackbull_ph

I really would like to thank Eric Seegers of MGM and Paul Holgate, it was really a pleasure meeting and knowing you both. Cheers, Mate!

(from L-R) Eric Seegers of MGM, BLM, Paul Holgate

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