Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rugen Bräu Lager Hell

I really love blogging about beer. Friends really support me by giving me beers from their country to taste and blog about. Thank you to my friend Chef Sam Linder of Manila Peninsula for your thoughtfulness. Its pretty risky to pack me a bottle of beer from Switzerland to Manila, there is a possibility of breaking the bottle and wetting all your stuff so i really appreciate the effort. Cheers!
Rugen Bräu lager hell pours a thick white head with very minimal aroma. It has a fizzy yellow appearance. Clean and crisp at first sip and a mild bitterness that stays for a while at your palate. ABV: 4.8%
My score for this is 2.10/5.
Ratebeer score is 2.36/5.
Ba score is 3.17/5
Lagers are perfectly matched with 
steaks. A tip on your Valentines date this year!

Rugen Bräu is a commercial brewery in Switzerland and they also sell wines, spirits and softdrinks there.

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