Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Worthy Pale Ale

This is one of the beers i brought back from my beertopia adventure. I think i got this for 3 tokens in the event.

Worthy brewing company is a craft brewer from Bend, Oregon USA.

Of the many beers in the event carefully selected beers that i want to bring home back to Manila, and i chose this one because of its clean and green looking can with a lime green tab. Sometimes, im a sucker for packagings.

Anyways, of the 4 beers, i chose this one first because i saw a big dent on the upper lid of the can with traces of beer residue.
I suspect that because its in my checked in bag, my luggage got thrown left and right even if it has fragile sticker on it. I also feared that the beer might be spoiled already. Surprisingly, its not. It still has a full bodied flavors.
The beer has a very enticing aroma, it has both citrusy and floral hints. It has a minimal head, not sure if its because of the dent. Its roasted golden yellow in appearance. It has a smooth and refreshing first sip and a burst of hops comes right after. Leaves minimal aftertast in your palate which makes it a good beer, Full flavored and no traces in your palate. It has a 6%abv and a 50ibu.
IBU means international bitterness unit.

Should have bought more! Please feel free to comment, good or bad. Cheers!

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