Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yona Yona Pale Ale

One of the beers i bought and brought back from my beertopia adventure. Pardon me for the long wait, i drink beer almost everyday but when rating a beer i make sure ill make time for it. Me-Time is really precious for me these days!

Yona Yona is a product of Yoho Brewing Company from Nagano, Japan. YO-HO BREWING COMPANY was established in 1996, as a subsidiary of Hoshino Resort CO., a Japanese leading resort management company. Its establishment was soon after the removal of the law, which prohibited the production of craft beer in Japan. Until then, Japanese people didn’t have “beer culture”. Almost all beers in Japan were “Lager beer” and people rarely knew about “Ale beer”. We started brewing “Ale” with an aim of letting Japanese people know rich and various tastes of Ale.

Yona Yona means night after night, connotes the beer can be easily drunk night in night out. True enough, the beer has a medium but foamy head, bright yellow in appearance. It has citrusy aroma. It has a very crisp and cool first sip but smooth bitterness right after, despite it leaves no trace in your palate making it very casual to drink. I liked the fusion of the bitterness the beer gives. For me this is 4 of 5 stars but in my app "beer buddy" it has a decent score of 3.5stars. Highly recommended for me! Unfortunately,the beer is not available in the local market. But since according to the news, Filipinos might be granted "No Visa" entry to Japan by June 2014, you can try it in Japan, they say Yona Yona is very visible in most supermarkets in Japan. The beer also boasts of its Gold Medal award from various international beer competition!

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