Monday, June 23, 2014

Drink Up 2014 by CBT

As i mentioned in my last blog post, i got complimentary tickets, i gave the other to my sister in law, Carol Tan who claims to love beer and music and here is her blog about the event.

Drink Up Ph 2014
words and photos by: Carol-lyn Tan
edited by: Rich Ng

I’m a fan of beer. I love beer and the entertainment value that bring me and my friends. So I got excited to have received a ticket to the Drink Up Ph 2014 event. No expectations whatsoever except that I’m gonna be “buzzed”—that’s what it said on my ticket. I invited two of my friends who I knew would be perfect for the event. Crissy is such a fun-loving chick while Jerome is a cool guy who just loves drinking and bands.

Event day came, Jerome offered to pick me up and Crissy was waiting for us at the the entrance. There was a long queue when we got there. Apparently everyone had to line up (even the VIP) to register and get these high-tech bracelets which indicates how much token you have.

First thing to catch my eyes inside was the first aid area where a girl was lying on the stretcher. I’m guessing she’s already had too much to drink. And that got me even more excited. We got to the grounds later than expected. We were actually planning to meet up at 5 so we can still catch the other bands. But anyway, we got there quite hungry so Jerome decided to search for food first and was not disappointed to see there were a lot of choices. Burgers, fries, sandwiches, chicken. Name it. Although it was quite pricey (3-4 tokens for a burger) just looking at them makes your mouth water. I, on the other hand was excited to try the beer so I headed straight to the fancy-looking booths. I saw some colorful shots in this one booth but decided to stay true to the mission—to try as much fancy beer as possible.

So for my first try, I went with Katipuna Craft's Indio Pale Ale. Sound Filipino but tastes very hmmmm.. German? Lol. It had that distinct malt taste but not too heavy for my palette. 3 token for a nice cup of beer. Not bad I think. But I was anticipating a long night so I was saving my tokens to last me through the night.

I decided to try the Bavaria, which cost only 1 token. It was alright but too funky for my taste. I never really liked drinking beer out of a can so that was quite a flop for me. 

On to the entertainment part of the event: I was quite impressed with the line up of bands that night. I rarely go to concerts these days and I found it quite a treat to be listening to the likes of Ely Buendia. And of course, I could have just died when UrbanDub went on stage. I’m such a fan! I’ve never sang/screamed (emo) that hard in a long time. It was awesome especially with different types of beer partying on my empty stomach.

It was starting to get blurry on my third hour at the grounds filled with hundreds of people eating and drinking. But I was still able to spot some celebs like Erwan Heusaff and run into some friends who were as buzzed as we were.

All in all, I had a great time at the event. The quality beers were quite pricey but somehow worth it if only for the heck of getting drunk with my friends. Definitely looking forward to next year.

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About the author: Carol-lyn Tan is a talented TV producer with Survivor Philppines and Asia's Top Model under her sleeves. You may reach her at Growing up, i am proud to say that i introduced beer drinking to her! Cheers!

More photos at our Facebook page. 

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