Friday, June 20, 2014

Drink Up Philippines by HBS

Hi, its been a while since my last blog but my twitter, fb page and Instagram are continuously updated. I missed the Drink Up Ph 2014 but since i have sponsored tickets by the group, i asked my best friend Howard So to do the drinking and the writing for me, so here it is! Cheers!

words and photos by: Howard So
edited by: Rich Ng

I recently attended the first Drink up event at Fort Bonifacio Taguig , Philippines. It was rumored that the same group who organized BeerTopia in Hong Kong, which I was also able to attend with my buddy Mr. Beer lover himself (Rich Ng).  Unfortunately, this time he wasn’t around to experience Drink Up event here in the Philippines. So I asked my cousin Allan to accompany me.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed or wowed by the event. I don’t know if its because of my previous experienced in Beertopia, Hongkong, which by the way was more than what I expected...very very nice. But here in Drink up, only a few participants who joined, choices of craft beer makers are very limited. Actually, I think there is more food to choose from than drinks.

And the weather is a little hot since its summer here in the Philippines, I don’t like it drinking cold craft beer on a hot weather, whether its daytime or night. But, it wasn’t all that bad I get to see familiar faces, one of them is Fat Pauly’s Paul Stuart Del Rosario, who was kind enough to assist me and let me try one of his famous freshly brewed Sultana CafĂ© Latte. It was a good beer, you can taste the coffee right away on your first sipped. He said its also blends well when eating cakes or having a thick juicy steak.

(L-R) Paul Del Rosario, Howard So, Allan


I was also able to try Chip vega Craft beer , not bad at all.  I wasn’t able to try all since some of them are available at THE DRAFT GASTROPUB who also joined the event by the way.  Here, they serve European beers in tap like Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Beck’s and many more in bottles. 
Overall, it’s not much of a success for me but I can give it a passable grade like B+. Anyway, its just the first maybe on their next one it will be better. Here are some more photos …enjoy….Drink Up!!!

Concert grounds

About the Author: Howard So is a successful businessman and a budding craft beer fan. I went with him at beertopia Hong Kong and opened his taste buds to beer to a different level.

More photos at our Facebook page. 

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