Saturday, August 9, 2014

Top 5 bars in Tomas Morato that serves beer in Tap

Finally, the beer scene in the Philppines is now going global. Starting from the growing varieties of imported beers available in the market, growing local craft beer brewers and the availability of beers served in tap. 

If you are a frequent traveller, you'll notice that most bars and restaurants abroad offer beers in tap. Why? Because Its fresher compared to bottle and can. Another reason could be space saving, cost efficient and less empty bottles to dispose for the beer tenders. 

Living in the area near T.Morato in Quezon City made my life more comfortable because drinking beer in a bar is just a stone's throw away but drinking a beer from Tap is not yet that visible so here are the TOP 5 bars/restaurants that serve beers in tap along Tomas Morato:
5. Padi's Point- this famous grillery joint from Antipolo Rizal has a huge loyal beer drinking and gulping customer base and they have a branch along T. Morato around the Circle. They serve San Miguel by the glass or pitcher.

4. Cable Car- a famous tambayan bar along Pasay road in Makati way back in the 90's made a comeback here along T. Morato cor. Scout Rallos St. They serve San Miguel by the glass or pitcher.

3. Shakey's pizza- Just across Cable Car in Scout Rallos St. Long before this beer craze has been happening, they were already serving beers in tap. They serve San Miguel by the glass or pitcher.

2. TGI Fridays- One of the originals of the famous Bistro group. Located at Rembrandt Hotel. They serve San Miguel by the glass or pitcher.

1. Chillis- My favorite place to hangout with friends or family. Located at the corner of Scout Fernandez St. They serve San Miguel Pale and Light by the glass or pitcher.

Before i completed this list, i mixed my blogging with running, my type of duathlon. I ran and asked all the restaurants and bars along T.Morato from end to end and found out 3 things. One-most of the bars, restaurant including a bar named "distillery" serves beer in bottles. Two- Tomas Morato is almost exclusive to San Miguel Beer brand. Does Asia Brewery has a beer in tap?
Three- there is a lot of street kids, beggars, vendors, thugs along the long stretch of Tomas Morato. They are either sleeping in the streets or begging. I'm just wondering why the LGU allow it and why they are not taking care of the situation since the street is known to local and international tourist. Its a total eye sore and a potential danger to the public. I am no brat but the government has to do something about it for the safety of everyone.

Oh well, its just what i observed. Cheers!
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  1. Helpful for our upcoming staycation at one of the hotels in tomas morato. Bellies are you ready?