Thursday, October 23, 2014

Draft Oktoberfest 2014

Last october 18, 2014. I was invited to an all access pass to Draft's Oktoberfest in Rockwell Powerplant Mall. 
They started the event as early as 2pm to give mall goers a chance to experience Oktoberfest  and taste the Paulaner Oktoberfest brew. 

We came in at 7pm. They've already started some of the games like beer drinking contests and last man standing( beer server challenge).

My wife and i were already excited to drink the special brew but our stomachs are empty so we headed first to their food section where in i ordered the bacon cheeseburger and the porkchetta sandwich and fries!  

After getting a few bites, we already ordered our Oktoberfest brew, the beer was so easy to drink, that i had 5 500ml and Jenn had 1.5liters of beer in her tummy! 
Damn, i promised myself not to drink too much because i have a basketball championship early in the morning the following day! Oh well, it only shows that beer is my priority these days, haha! I also  bought their Oktoberfest beer mug for 600, it came with an unlibeer on their happy hour. I just bought it for my souvenir!

The event was entertained by Overtone band, they sang 90's to 2000's music and they are impressive. Draft gastropub made their 1st Oktoberfest even more special by bringing in Basti and his Wolfgang! People will know that they are an A1 band because the crowd just went wild even just on their first note. Locals and tourists alike were up on their feet singing and dancing with the band!

Overall, the event was awesome! Hoping that next year, they'll do it in the air-conditioned tent, it will be extra awesome! I also met with one of the owners, Raj Sadwani and his friends, one of them is our common friend, Calvin who introduced me to them. It just also happen that Calvin was my opponent for the basketball championship game i mentioned earlier. What are the odds!
Happy Oktoberfest, prost!

Ill be posting more photos at my facebook page beerloverinmanila.

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